Let Rick Drive, Part 2

Seriously, Neddy? She just does not know when to quit.

The interview started just fine. Halfway through, some of the questions got a little intense. Rick started doubting himself a little, though he didn’t let it show. He was doing a great job by any normal standard.

Not by Neddy’s though! It was obviously up to her to save the day. So right in the middle of the interview, Rick’s eyes glaze over. He started talking nonsense. Very confident nonsense, of course. It probably would have fooled anyone without a technical background. But these were not just random people. One of them was the tech lead for the entire department, for God’s sake!

Needless to say, it went downhill from there. The interviewers barely knew how to respond to the sudden change of tone and apparent knowledge. I’m guessing they just assumed Rick had been faking it the whole time and had gotten to the edge of his knowledge.

Which was only partly true. Bob was feeding him some really good answers as needed. But Bob doesn’t talk to Neddy. Not ever. She scares him, I think.

So damn. A promising interview down the drain. The job search continues. It would be nice to think Neddy had learned her lesson, but I know better.