“Z-76 signing in.”

“It’s about damn time, Zee! We’re starting behind because of you,” shouted A-25.

“We’ll be fine, Ace,” said G-28. “We’ve caught up from worse lag.”

“Easy for you to say,” said A-25. “You’re not the one point on this run.”

“Rolls. Eyes,” Z-76 said. “You can keep yelling or we can start the run. I’m all set here.”

“Set,” G-28 said.

“Set,” X-19 said.

“Set,” A-25 grumbled.

“Set,” L-91 mumbled. If the night went as usual, it would be the only thing he said the whole run.

“Launching now,” A-25 said. The displays at each of their terminals began to flicker rapidly.

None of them knew each other in real life. They didn’t know real names. They didn’t even know what planet they were each on, let along where they might be on them. For all they knew, one of them could be a mole on one of the government space stations.

They had a like purpose, though, at times like this. The Raid was one of the last joys left and they savored every moment of it.