Raid, Part 2

“Move your ass, Ex!” Z-76 shouted. “Keep hots up on the end zone!”

This was not going well. They were second place, but only distantly, and time was nearly up. Much as Ace would have liked to blame Zee’s lateness, he had really brought his A game tonight. They would be even further behind without his timely guidance.

“Ace!” Z-76 said. “Wake up! Rogers on your six. Lock the clock!”

“Done,” A-25 replied. She shook herself. No time to be contemplative. Plenty of time for post-mort after the Raid.

“Score at twelve,” L-91 said. His voice was even above a whisper.

The others nearly froze in shock. Only motor memory kept them from lagging out. He was right, though. Bonus up northside. That could make the game.

“Gee! Ex!” Z-76 said. “Bars up, both sides. Ace, get in there. We still have a shot.”

Ace dove through the cover the others provided. Ell swept the mobs and she hit the score a second before timeout.

Life was pretty damn good right then.