“Hey, Jet,” I said, plopping down in the vacant chair in front of his desk. “We need to talk.”

Predictably, his face went into panic mode. Most of the rest of the building was on holiday today. I’d asked him specifically to avoid a scene. Figured he’d been less worried without people walking in and out all the time.

“No need to worry,” I continued. “I’m happy with your work. You do a great job keeping the schedules, managing the people, all that sort of thing I hate to even think about. Couldn’t be happier.” Jet’s face relaxed a little, but he was still on edge. Not looking me right in the eye.

“I need to be straight with you, though,” I said. “And I’ll ask you to do the same in return. Can you do that?”

“Um. Yes, sir?” Jet said. His voice was barely above a whisper. How did this guy manage to fend off callers so easily every day? The dichotomy always surprised me.

“Okay, Jet, I’ll hold you to that. First: I know you used to Raid.” Jet’s eyes widened. “Water under the bridge, whatever. What I need to know now is this: do you still? And do you use company property to do it?”

Jet shook his head frantically. “I gave all of that up! Honest. I haven’t even talked to a Raid contact in years. I am totally legit.”

I made a show of being relieved, because I was. “Good. I’ll trust you on that. The reason I bring it up is that I’m letting the CSO continue a trace into the building. They have a pretty good lead on a Raider running from somewhere in HQ. It’s worth some brownie points, plus five million in cooperation fee.”

Jet nodded, his eyes creeping to mine and back. At least he was trying.

“I’m putting you on point as liaison. You’re to show them through all the standard areas, let them set up their equipment, whatever. If they request access to any restricted area, come to me and I’ll handle it. Also, if they drop any hints, I’m immensely curious as to who this Raider might be. Think you can work with that?”

Despite looking like he desperately wanted to flee, Jet swallowed hard then slowly nodded. “I’ll do my best, sir.”

“I know you will, Jet. That’s why I hired you.”