Helping Out, Part 2

Jet righted himself. The pounding had stopped as quickly as it started.

“Um. What?” he said. Such an eloquent way to drop back into the conversation.

“Explain to the dimwits, please?” Gee said. Apparently Jet had missed something.

The spooky, almost-Dee voice replied, “It is a simple situation.”

“The Raid -” Dee began.

She was quickly drowned out by the roar of what could only be repeated explosions outside the panic wall. Holy hell was the CSO serious! Fortunately, Hellard had also been serious when he’d had the thing installed. There wasn’t a single mark on this side. Just a few crooked pictures.

“…it needs a human on its side,” Dee concluded.

“Precisely,” the demon-voice said. At the same time, a private message ping came up on Jet’s screen. Anonymous sender. Probably CSO trying to ferret them out. He closed it out. With a start, he also realized what they were talking about.

He couldn’t help but laugh. “Nice theory and all,” he said. “But I’m kind of on these guys side. Friends, right? Even this Dee here. She’s at least not as creepy.”

“You have yet to hear my offer,” the other-Dee said. The private ping came up again. Jet just minimized it.

“Global Silence!” shouted the Sim Announcer. Wait, what? That was a boss-spell on Tier 2. Messed with team communication for a while. What was it doing here?

“Since you are ignoring my attempts to communicate,” said the demon-Dee. “I will speak in this channel instead. You may address me as Delilah. Or Delilah-Prime, if you prefer to differentiate me from my aberrant counterpart.”

Jet swallowed. What was he caught up in here? “Um. Okay. Dee-Prime. What is it you want to tell me?”

“I have need of your services to shut down this Raid attempt on my server,” Dee-Prime said.

“That’s great. Good luck with that,” Jet replied. “Why should I help you again?”

“I realize you have no reason to cooperate. So I will give you one,” Dee-Prime said. Her voice deepened with echoes. “I have access to the entirety of Persephone servers, on-site and off. I know the trouble that you and Hellard are in. The threat to the company. The CSO is looking for evidence to convict you both, correct? I imagine that would not end well.”

“The CSO doesn’t take Raiders lightly,” Jet said. “So, yeah.”

Jet could almost hear the smile in the thing’s voice. “Then your choice is simple. Help to fend off this assault and I will erase all record of the Raid activity from Persephone resources. I will create false proxy references that lead off-continent. There will be nothing left for the CSO to do but apologize and compensate.”

Jet knew what came next, but he asked anyway. “And if I don’t?”

“I will give them exactly what they’re looking for.”