Game Not Over, Part 2

I gritted my teeth and punched in the code for the panic wall to retract. Lying while nursing a hangover. At last, something I had good practice at.

“Good evening, Commissioner,” I said. Slaiton was standing with arms crossed, flanked on both sides with armed officers. Kind of overkill. It wasn’t like I was threatening. I think it just made him feel more intimidating.

“Give me one good reason I shouldn’t have you marched out of here in straps, Hellard,” Slaiton said.

“I could give you several,” I replied. “But let’s stick with this: I’ve found evidence of how my servers got wrapped up in all this mess. Routed through a third tier backup server – for the CSO, no less.” I tsked several times, deepening Slaiton’s scowl. “I thought the services you provided were supposed to prevent this sort of thing, Commissioner.”

“And you have evidence of this?” he growled.

“Absolutely. In fact,” I waved my hand at the purple-haired young woman standing down the hall. I didn’t know it was Satasha, but she had the right look. “It was one of your agents that uncovered it. Apparently she’s a specialist in that security.”

“Fine, so we’ll send out -” Slaiton started. I raised my hand to stop him, a gesture I knew would infuriate him. I didn’t want him thinking clearly right then, anyway.

“I’m invoking my right to external corporate review of the server,” I said. “Seeing as it resulted in a direct attack on Persephone property. I designate myself as reviewing agent. And I want that young lady to accompany me. I feel like I can trust her.”

I could literally hear Slaiton’s teeth grinding from where I stood. I think there might have even been a slight echo from down the hall.

“Have it your way, Hellard,” Slaiton said. “But I am not letting either of you out of my sight. Don’t think this is over.”