Under Review

The server building was much larger than anything Persephone had. But far less fancy. Decades old, Satasha knew. Probably older than her. It cost a lot to replace something this big. And it was only third-tier backup. Nothing important, right?

Guess they were double-thinking that now!

Slaiton being along got them in easily without any of the usual paperwork. If Satasha had been planning to sneak anything in, this would have been a great time. As it was, they had Hellard’s bizarre equipment with them, but that was all above-board.

“Which address were you accessing?” the attendant asked. She acted boring and dressed accordingly. Probably prerequisite for the job in these out-servers. Nothing exciting was supposed to happen here. CSO policy. Satasha gave her the number sequence and received direction to the appropriate floor.

“I’m really awfully surprised,” Hellard was saying while Slaiton listened, stone-faced. “You have have had such an excellent track-record. That such an egregious assault could happen on your watch.” Hellard shook his head. “I can only think one of the corps must be behind it. Shame to think.”

Slaiton said nothing. The doors he opened received more abuse than they were due, but that was his only reaction. Hellard continued on in that vein, keeping Slaiton distracted and on-edge, until they arrived at the address Dee had provided.

It looked just like any other server room of its generation. Black and stately, but with enough nicks and wire replacements here and there to show it wasn’t new. It’s how Satasha preferred them. The new shiny ones made her nervous to touch anything.

“Secminion Satasha,” Hellard said formally. “I hereby request you review the status of the security of this server address. You are to make all information pertinent to the attack on Persephone servers available to myself and my team as soon as you find it.”

Satasha glanced at the Commissioner, who simply nodded and stalked away to stand in front of the door, blocking the only way out. As promised, his eyes never left them.