Under Review, Part 2

Dee? You in there? Satasha typed. It had taken a bit of fiddling to get Hellard’s equipment rigged to the ancient hardware, but he’d been pretty thorough in holding on to backwards protocols.

I am here.

So what now? I’m here with Hellard and the Commissioner. Performing a review of the security.

Your attack on the Delilah server has presented an excellent opportunity.

About that. You survived? I mean, I’m glad. But how?

The route layer you chose was effective at cutting us both off temporarily, but there was no disruption to the underlying neural plan. I used the Raid back channel to shunt interface protocols to this server. I have been preparing it for some time.

So the other Dee is still there, too?

Yes, but cut off from accessing anything outside its own pathways at the moment. My hope is to transfer it away before it has a chance to bypass your blocks.

Why don’t you just do that?

My options are severely limited by the protocols of this older server arrangement. It could be updated, but that would take time we don’t have. I will need to use proxies. But for that, the outgoing security of this location must be disabled.

Satasha’s eyes widened. She glanced behind her to make sure nobody was looking at her screen. Fortunately, Hellard was still distracting the Commissioner.

Okay. Where should I start?