Loaning to a Friend

So it turns out you can learn some interesting things working with an AI that’s been unshackled across an entire CSO server. Like the presence of idle “black servers” that they’ve been keeping under wraps. Including some that were, apparently, stored in buildings leased from Persephone.

What? I’m more of a big picture guy,  okay? I can’t keep track of all the details of a multiglobal conglomerate. Although this seriously made me want to put more work into it.

I’m not sure what the black servers were intended for. They were online but largely blank. Also much higher end than the typical CSO crap. Part of a next stage plan, maybe? Whatever it was, the plan was scrapped now. Delilah had much better use for that sort of resource.

“Do I have your express consent to make use of the servers located in Outer Block Z-Gamma-Five, as per stipulation fifteen in article A of your lease agreement?” Dee asked.

“Affirmative. This is Hellard, head of Persephone Industries, giving you rights to utilize the systems stored in leased territory, as per the aforementioned stipulation,” I pronounced in my best formal voice. I then added, “You realize this only allows for a temporary seizure, right? It’s undefined as to how long, but a few days is the longest precedent.”

“I understand,” Dee said. “I imagine in a few days things will be worked out, one way or another. Would you be able to grant biometric access to a few individuals?”

At this point, I just grinned, shrugged, and went along for the ride. “Sure. Just tell me their CIDs.”