What’s Next

Sasha twirled her wine glass between her fingers and stared out at the waves. The sun was nearly set and the sky was cloudy. The only lights left would be from the beach houses along the strand.

“Do you ever think about what’s next, Bobby?” she asked. The breeze teased hair into her eyes as she turned to her friend.

“What? You mean after the party?” Bobby replied. His smirk sent Sasha’s eyes rolling. She bapped him playfully on the arm.

“After college, dummy,” Sasha said.

“I try to avoid it,” Bobby said. “It’s only our second year. We’ve barely chosen majors yet. Plenty of time for the heavy stuff later.”

“But is there?” Sasha asked. “It’s really only a few years. Not much time at all, in the grand scheme…”

Bobby set his beer aside and turned to look at Sasha head-on. “Is there something you’re not telling me?” he asked. His tone was joking. Typical Bobby. “Is it cancer? Oh, you’re going to die on us! Alas!”

Sasha stuck out her tongue and turned back to the sea. “Serious for one minute at least, can you please?” she said. “It’s been on my mind a lot lately.”

“Serious can wait for less drunkenness and fewer hot guys to party with,” Bobby said. “Speaking of which, back inside I go!”

“Sure, Bobby,” Sasha said. “Have fun.”

She set her wine glass aside, still mostly full. Drinking more didn’t feel right, just now.