Time to Sleep, Part 2

The dark fog faded, leaving a view of a crowd of people.

“Look who’s awake!”


“Now don’t – don’t try to stand up yet, sweetie. You’ve been asleep a long time.”

“Is Jake here, too!”

“Right here, knick-knack.”

“Mommy… if I’ve been asleep so long, why do I feel so tired?”

“It’ll wear off soon. Then you’ll be able to get up and say hi to all your friends!”

“Sasha? Kelly?”

“All here. Even your little crush Robbie is around somewhere.”

“Mom! That was forever ago!”

“I guess so. Still, he’s here if you want to say hi.”

“Maybe. How many more doctors have to poke me before I get up?”

“Just a few. They’re saying you’re healthy as can be. Here, take my hand.”

“Whoah! Everything got all swishy.”

“That’ll pass too, love.”

“Uh, Mommy… where’s Daddy?”