Fox Encounter

I met a fox in the woods today. What kind of fox, you ask? Well, clearly not the ordinary kind, else would I bother mentioning it? Honestly.

This particular fox in question was blue and had three tails. I suppose to some observers, these traits would disqualify it from being considered a “fox”, per se. But on the whole the rest of it presented a very fox-like bearing, so I will continue in my assertion of its foxhood.

“Pardon me,” it said. Yes, it was very polite for a fox.

Oh, you think foxes don’t speak, as well? It must have been some time since you’ve been in the woods. Almost all the animals talk in one way or another these days. It seems to be all the rage. Anyway.

“Pardon me,” it said. “Would you happen to know the way to the May parade?”

It being such a polite animal, I hated to disappoint it. Unfortunately, I had no knowledge of such a parade or whether it was in fact being held, seeing as it is August. I would guess foxes are not the best keepers of time. I am not sure where they would obtain a calendar to begin with.

I relayed this knowledge to the fox in as nice a fashion as I could muster. It never hurts to be nice even in odd situations like this. Besides, I was starting to wonder if this fox may be something more of a fox-spirit than an ordinary fox. And, as you know, it is always preferable to be on the good side of the spirits.

Despite my kindliness, the fox was very disgruntled at my information. It muttered something about timelines and scatterbrained mages and then scampered off into the woods. With that, I proceeded my way here without further event.

Oh, a rabbit came by while I was gone? Was it the red one?