“It smells like rain,” Jacky said sagely. He peered out the window, content with this great insight.

“That’s because it is raining, goofball,” Kelly said. She punctuated this by throwing a pillow at his head. He caught it, of course. Show off.

Jacky tucked the pillow neatly behind his head as if that had been the intent all along. Of course, with him, that could be the case. His gift was getting stronger every day. “That doesn’t make the statement any less accurate.”

Kelly stuck out her tongue. So did Saber, who had recently deigned to occupy her lap. Although she did not proceed to wash her foot as Saber did.

“So now you’re going to get all heady about canceling our picnic,” Kelly said. Her hand stroked her mini-tiger automatically. “It’s not like it’s hard to guess rain.”

“I don’t guess,” Jacky said. He puffed out his chest in mock pride. “I know.”

“Don’t get ahead of yourself,” Mom called from the other room. “You’re only thirteen. Even Dracarius was only 50/50 at playing cards at your age.” Same old speech. Both of them were tired of it, though for different reasons. Kelly was just tired of being reminded constantly of Jacky’s luck.

He was the older, so he got the foresight. That’s how things worked. Forget the fact that he had come out only five minutes earlier. Such random luck. Kelly was sure she’d put it to better use. Or at least not be such a pompous ass about it.