Nymphs and Satyrs

“Don’t look now,” Kirey said. “But there’s three girls staring at you. And giggling.” She smirked and sipped from her soda.

I looked over my shoulder anyway, then turned back and rolled my eyes. “They’re nymphs. Staring and giggling is kind of what they do.”

“Well, I’d be flattered,” Kirey said. “I don’t catch the satyrs looking at me like that.”

“Satyrs don’t work that way,” I replied. I started putting the empty containers onto my tray. Almost time for class. “Be just as glad you don’t get their attention. They’re way more… aggressive.”

Kirey stood up and picked up her backpack. “Hell, I’d be glad for any attention these days. It’s been a lonely semester.”

I flushed. “Sorry, Kirey,” I said. “I didn’t mean to lead into… well, you know.”

Kirey laughed, but I could tell it wasn’t genuine. She was still hurting. “Hey, it’s months past, now. Reko and I just weren’t meant to be, right? That’s what everyone says.”

I gave her my best look of genuine concern. It took conscious effort, as I was not naturally emotive, but I meant it. “Kirey, you know if you ever need to talk about it…”

“Yeah, yeah,” Kirey said. “Let’s just get back to class, okay?”