The Legend of Garudesh

The sound of thunder echoed through the room. “You lost it?” Marada yelled, her voice roaring above the storm.

“Well, I just set it down while -” Garudesh began.

“How do you lose a fragment of the First Creation?” The thunder began to abate, but the sky cracked open into a downpour. If he didn’t get her calmed down soon, the valley might wind up flooded again.

“Like I was saying, I was down on Earth, decided to go for a dip in the ocean… there was this girl, then, and you should have seen the color of her -”

A lightning bolt struck the tree Garudesh was leaning against. He dusted off cinders and splinters and waited for the fire to quench.

“A girl, Garudesh?” Marada said. “Seriously? What are you, five hundred?”

“Hey, never lose taste for the pretty things in life, I always say. I don’t get down there so often and you should see the fashions they’ve gotten into… barely wear anything at the beach these days, and…”

Marada sighed. The rain gently faded to a drizzle. “Garudesh,” she said. “That fragment was entrusted to you by the Eldest. It’s not something you can just set aside and shrug off. You must retrieve it.”

“Look, it couldn’t have gone that far. Why don’t you just send -”

“No. You. Go down to Earth. Find it. And do not return until you have.”

“Can I at least -”


“Aw, man.” Garudesh hung his head and trudged towards the World Tree. “Razzy is gonna be so pissed at me…”