Gift Wrapping

I pulled the next knot to the appropriate length, adding a slight yank to the end to secure it.

“Ow!” Beth said, trailing off into a small whimper. I knew it wasn’t actually too tight. She’d tell me if it was, along with working the word “platypus” creatively into the sentence. Beth prided herself on not using her safewords in a grammatically correct fashion. Just one wrist left to go. The other limbs were well-secured. Then I could move on to the more creative bits.

I worked on in silence, neither speaking to Beth nor even acknowledging her as a person. This just made her writhe and whimper more. Which meant I had to pull everything just a little bit tighter. It was a vicious feedback loop. Exactly how both of us liked it.

It took another twenty minutes to finish the rest of the basic restraints and then layer some more creative work on top. I liked the artistic part. It was a little different every time. Sometimes I had to undo and redo it. Beth never complained. The longer I drew it out, the better. There was probably some upper limit to this, but if so I’d never found it.

Beth was panting by the time I was done. I brought her some water, helped her drink, then set it aside for later. Then I turned out the light, walked out, and shut the door behind me.

“Lily!” I called to the living room. “I wrapped you up a present!”