First Summoning

“This isn’t going to work,” Sherani said, throwing the scroll to the ground. “I’ve tried it a bazilliontine times.” She made as if to stomp on the delicate paper, thought better of it, then turned her back and flopped to the ground like a ten-year-old having a tantrum.

“You’ll get the hang of it, Sheri,” Old Wingdo said. “It’s in your blood. We all take things at our own pace.”

“Well I’m sick of it and it’s boring,” Sherani said. Despite the complaint, she grabbed the scroll and rolled it up carefully before tucking it away in the bag at her waist. “Let’s do something fun. The festival should be starting up in Oderon tonight, right?” She ran up a hill and peered intently, as if she could see the town through the trees.

Old Wingdo hobbled up beside her, leaning on his cane. He hid the smirk on his face and spoke in a deep, serious tone. “We could go to the festival, I suppose. Until your first summon…” He shook his head woefully. “I’m afraid you’ll still be a child there, in the childrens’ area, with the children’s games. But if that’s what your really want…”

Sherani glared at Old Wingdo, then back to the far-off city, then to the scroll at her hip. “Gladyri’s going to be there, isn’t she?” she asked in a small voice.

“Almost definitely,” Old Wingdo said. “And did you hear she summoned last night? I hear it was -”

“That’s it!” Sherani shrieked. “I am not going there to see Gladyri’s smug face looking all… all smug. I’m going to do the best first summon ever then I’m going to the festival to rub her nose in it.”

She stepped over to the circle, scroll held firmly in her hand. Once again, she recited the ancient words.