On the Efficacy of Ennui

“So,” Holly said. “We live in a floating castle.”

“Yes,” Fred replied.

“With a dozen dragons. Surrounded by mechanical servants. Traveling from world to world in the blink of an eye.”

“Yes,” Fred repeated.

“All the multivarious opportunities to see everything that is, has ever been, or will ever be lay before us.”

“Indeed,” Fred agreed.

“So,” Holly continued. She stood up for emphasis. “How the hell can I be bored​?”

Fred looked up at her from his seat by his favorite viewing window, the one that stretched floor-to-ceiling down the whole hall. His expression was amused, which only frustrated Holly more. “It’s Tuesday, love. That’s just what you do on Tuesdays.”

“Agh!” Holly cried. “You’re no help at all! What are you stoned on today, anyway? Something new?”

“Nothing new,” Fred replied. “Nothing at all, in fact. Just delighting in the efficacy of ennui in infiltrating even this blessed existence. It’s really quite an accomplishment. One could write psychological and philosophical treatise on it.”

“Oh,” Holly said. “So you mean you’re bored, too.”