Last of It

“That’s the last of it,” John said. He clicked the mouse and watched the bank’s confirmation screen load.

“Of what?” Carter asked. “The bills? The money?” He came out from the garage and rested a hand on John’s shoulder. It was still greasy, but John had never cared for this shirt anyway.

“Both,” John replied. “Well, technically we still have ten bucks in savings.”

“So you’re saying we’re not celebrating with a lavish dinner, then,” Carter said. He immediately regretted it as John’s face fell and the tears started. Carter dropped to his knee and threw his arms around his partner. “I am so sorry, love. I know this has been hard. I didn’t mean to tease.”

John shoved his head from the desk to Carter’s shoulder and sobbed. He spoke through repeated sniffles. “It’s alright. It’s okay. I just… God, this year, you know?”

“I know, love. I know. At least… at least we still have our health, right? And income. We’ll get the savings back.”

“I’m just scared… it took us years to build all that up and it’s gone in a few months. What happens if something else comes up?”

“Hey, it’s not like there’s anything else left in the house to replace at this point, right? It’s virtually brand new.”

John sat up and closed the web browser as he wiped his face. “No jinxing. We still have two aging cars in the garage.”

“They’ll hold out,” Carter said. “I’ll keep them beaten into submission, as always.”