Living on the Edge

So today sucked. I randomly got quite ill and I also found out my A/C unit has a bad capacitor and a broken fan motor. Which typically runs something like $1000 to fix. For about $200 worth of parts.

Screw that.

I’m usually willing to pay a professional extra for the convenience. In this case, though, with 2017 already being massively laden with unexpected bills I’m going to stretch my wings a bit. I build robots for a living. I’ve worked with all sorts of complex electronics and mechanics in the last 12 years. And the entire install process of the capacitor and motor is like an hour of work largely involving making sure some wires get put in the right place.

The hardest part was actually finding a replacement motor for a 12 year old unit, but shout-out to the internet for that. (Also, the actual hardest part is probably putting the dang cover back on the unit after opening it up.)

I would rant more but I am still quite sick. I’m hoping to be back at work tomorrow. We’ll see how well I can recover trying to sleep with no AC, though. Ugh.