Pain vs. Nausea

Pain replaced with nausea, now. Not a fair trade, in my opinion. I’m not sure which is more disabling. Of course, when you’re dangling by one hand off a rope bridge, the question is rather academic.

I had a solid four fingers gripping onto rough wood. It wasn’t raining. Nobody was trying to stomp me into oblivion. I felt sure there was a way to think my way out of this. Then another wave of nausea hit and it was all I could do to keep my muscles from spasming me into the void.

Whatever this was affecting me, it had really bad timing. Or really good timing, if its aim was to see me decorating a collection of jagged rocks with my innards. Spot on for that.

Okay, I take it back. Nausea really is worse. I’d been trained to fight through pain. Hell, half of sorcerer training is getting beaten up in various ways and still focusing enough to cast. Nausea, though, they kind of skip over that one. It makes you feel like you’ve lost control over your body, even your mind.

Something to report back to the Academy when I got back. If I got back.

How sad is it I couldn’t even muster up the five words of a damn levitation spell? Apprentice level crap. But every time I got close, another wave hit me and I was just one step closer to slipping away.

Sorcerers disdain prayer. It’s widely discouraged and occasionally mocked by our professors. Times like this make it sound like a really good plan, though.