Not As Planned

This week has not gone according to plan. What should have been a simple A/C fix turned out to be more than that, leading to an upcoming venture into DIY repair. In the meantime, I developed a bad head cold that somehow, just as I was recovering, found its way into my inner ear. On both sides.

I spent most of my day curled up in bed unwilling to move my head because of the nausea and dizziness. Fortunately I have managed to avoid increasing my 2017 medical bills further for the moment. By noon I was at least able to get water in me to keep from dehydrating. (Which, with no A/C in the beginnings of southern summer, was a real risk.)

More than that, there’s actually things going on at work that require my attention, for once. Any of the last few weeks I could have been sick with no issues. But no, I had to develop this level of debilitation during the week when things started picking up again.

Okay, I’m ranting a bit. Not much else in my head right now, though, seeing as it’s a struggle to remain vertical long enough to type. But at least I’m still writing! Not missing a day, even for this! Ha, take that, stupid cold virus!

Oh, and I still haven’t won the lottery. That would have made up for this week.