Show Me

“This time I’m coming with you,” Isabella said. She stomped her foot for good measure, as if daring defiance. There was a twinkle in her eye, though, and it was obvious she held back a giggle.

“Wait, really?” Aurora asked. Her tea was suddenly forgotten in hand. It was a lucky thing she didn’t drop it. “But-”

“I know it’s dangerous. I know it’s scary,” Isabella said, her voice dropping to a near-whisper. “But I want to see what it’s like. It’s so important to you. It’s so much of your life. And… well.” She shrugged, an embarrassed flush showing keenly on her pale skin. “I miss you when you’re gone.”

Aurora hastily set aside her tea and grabbed Isabella in a bear hug until they both gasped for breath. “Oh, Icy! I thought you’d never ask!”

“Wait, what?” Isabella said, taken aback. “I thought-”

“Thought what? That I wasn’t allowed? That I’d try to talk you out of it?” Aurora loosened her grip and let her hands slide down to rest on Isabella’s waist.

“Yeah, I guess,” Isabella replied, her flush deepening.

“You’d always talked about how scary it all seemed, how surreal. I didn’t want to pressure you. And I didn’t think you really wanted to leave. I mean, it’s kind of a big deal. Leaving Earth. You wouldn’t believe the scope of it all. It’s -”

Isabella smiled and touched a finger to Aurora’s lips. “No need to expound. Show me.”