Tromp Tromp Tromp

One foot in front of the other foot.

One foot in front of the other foot.

Tromp. Tromp. Tromp.

I had lost of track of how long I had been walking. I stopped only to sleep when it got too dark to see my way. I ate as I moved, finding fruits and safe greenery to supplement my rations. Water was rare, here, but it was enough.

Some days I forgot why I was walking at all. I knew there was a reason. Something important driving me forward through the wilderness. That was enough to keep me walking, even as my legs and feet grew sore and blistered. Was there something pursuing me? Some goal I sought? It didn’t really matter. I knew my direction, I knew I had to move as fast as I could, and so I did.

There wasn’t much animal life out here, or if there was it avoided me completely. I barely even saw an insect. I don’t suppose people came through this was often. Or ever. “Off the beaten path” was an understatement for this sort of wilderness.

That day I remembered why I was moving. There was someone waiting for me. Someone I had promised to be there for. I had long past the day when I was expected. I could only hope they would wait for me a bit longer. Either way, I couldn’t allow myself to think they had given up and left. I was too far in to turn back. The only way to keep going was to move ahead.

One foot in front of the other foot.

I would see her soon.