Shapeshifting License

So I got my official shapeshifting license today. No more learner’s permit for me! I got through the practical exam in less than an hour, too! Not a record, of course, but feeling pretty good about myself. The written part was trickier. It’s pretty amazing how many laws they’ve managed to write in the last twenty years. And you need to know the basics of all of them.

It’s no wonder so many people don’t bother these days. The only folks I know with an SSL have it as a work requirement. Most of them get professional tutoring sponsored by the company. Lucky dogs. (Or cats, in some cases. But most companies want dogs.)

Not me, though! I did it all on my own time and dollar. (Thanks, YouTube!) My parents thought it was a waste of time and money, of course. They didn’t have shapeshifting of any kind when they were my age, so it couldn’t be useful for anything, right?

“It just confuses everything even more than it was already,” my dad said. “You just don’t know who to trust anymore!” He’s just parroting what he hears on TV. All the politicians love the fear-mongering that ready shapeshifting access allows. But that’s why we have laws and licenses, right?

Anyway, after I passed, I went straight to the doctor and got my first prep injections for permanent grafting. That’s where the money part comes in. It’s not covered by any kind of insurance. Purely elective procedure, kind of like the old-style plastic surgeries they used to do. Pretty bizarre how people hacked themselves apart back then. Obsolete now, and good riddance.

It’ll be a few more weeks of injections before I’m good to go to add my first new form. I need to spend some serious time thinking about which one I’ll choose.