Screw 2017 Anyway

Can this year be over already?

Here I was, starting to recover bit by bit, allowing myself to feel optimistic that the worst of 2017 was past. And now my bloody A/C is out again. Not the part I fixed. The central air handler unit that I don’t feel at all comfortable doing anything about myself. And, of course, it happens just as the weather is starting to regularly hit the 90s.

Have I mentioned that I really do not do well in the heat?

We had just gotten our savings back to a reasonable level, maybe starting to consider building it up in case our oldest car dies. But no, now we have to consider another expensive repair that might even result in needing to replace the whole damn system. Not that I’m pessimistic.

So what now? Again, it happened right at the end of the week so there’s a high chance nobody will be able to look at it until Monday. Just like last time. And then they’ll send somebody out who won’t be able to repair it that day, even if I tell them what the problem is in advance. So it’ll be at least another week until it’s fixed.

I am absolutely sick of this crap. I am sick of this year. I am sick of bleeding money. I am sick of hating my job. I am sick of not being able to find another decent one that I qualify for.

And I am sick of all this stress making me constantly exhausted so I can’t enjoy anything for any length of time.

Screw you, 2017.