Girl Scout Training

Isabella’s eyes opened to darkness. Complete darkness. The air had a chill, muggy quality to it. If she was still anywhere near where the apartment had been, she couldn’t be anywhere connected to the outdoors. Even the buildings weren’t kept this cold. That’s assuming she was still on Galavaria. Of course, if she wasn’t, she expected to be reeling from nausea like the last two world-transfers she’d suffered through. Besides, only Council-folk could transfer, and they were all on the same side.

Because it was pretty obvious at this point she’d been kidnapped. Not typically something allies do to each others’ friends. Right?

Okay, theorize later. Deep breath. Her body was still… unclad. But someone had thrown a rough blanket over her. Maybe a cloak or something. So some respect for her well-being. Or her modesty? Well, that would mean non-Galivarian for sure. Still not important.

Another deep breath. Reality was starting to set in. This wasn’t a dream. Some asshole had taken her from her apartment, somehow without waking her up, and stuck her in a cave somewhere. Nothing felt injured. There was no sound anywhere. Which was really creepy, with her heart pounding in her ears.

Standing up, she pulled the blanket around her. It wasn’t so cold she needed it, but it added a feeling of protection. The ground was solid, chill stone beneath her bare feet. That could be a problem in the long run, if camping with the Girl Scouts had taught her anything. Ground like that could pull the heat out of you.

A sudden laugh burst from her lips, sending echoes chiming back and forth for several seconds. Here she was, a violinist, a teacher, on another planet, naked, in a dark cave, presumably kidnapped. And she was thinking about her time in the Girl Scouts. God, she wondered if Aurora did the same thing. Never know when it’ll come in handy, right? She laughed again.

Another thing the scouts would have advised in this scenario, with complete darkness and an unknown surroundings, was to sit down and wait for someone to find her. There were all sorts of possibilities for injury. Given the situation, though, she wasn’t sure she would like whoever it was that came back to find her.

Slowly, deliberately, she knelt down to her hands and knees, blanket thrown over her back. She picked a random direction and started shuffling forward. If she focused on a straight line, she’d find a wall at some point.

Or a sheer drop-off. But pessimism aside for now.