Exploring the Cave

Isabella’s cave theory had panned out. Though she had lost track of how long she’d been moving, the cold, stone ground had met up with ragged walls some time back. She had continued along the left wall, following various side passages both small and large. Not one had given her a hint of light. There was no way she was close to the surface.

Though she had no sense of time, her hunger and thirst were catching up to her. If her captors had any intention of keeping her alive, they’d have to be back soon. Presumably they’d bring some light with them. Of course, that was assuming they needed light to see at all. This whole ‘other world’ thing was messing with her intuition.

Isabella paused for a few minutes, leaning up against the wall. She’d lost the blanket a while ago and didn’t want to flail around looking for it. The moving had helped her keep her mind of her situation, but she was wearing out. It was getting to the point she almost hoped they’d just find her and take her back just so she knew where she stood.

And with that though, a light flickered at some indecipherable distance. Isabella’s eyes were so sensitive at that point it might have just been a reflection of a reflection. But at least it gave her something to focus on, something to move toward. There also seemed to be a sound, perhaps footsteps. The first thing she’d heard beside herself since she showed up here.

Sliding slowly forward. Trying to be quiet. There were definitely sounds of movement now, just up around a bend in a tunnel she hadn’t yet tried. Also something new, something familiar, almost like rippling water. As she got closer, whispered voices resolved themselves. Unfortunately, no language she could understand. How did Aurora keep all these languages straight, anyway?

As she turned around the last corner, Isabella pulled herself tight against the wall. She could make out three figures in total, now, with a dim lantern creating their silhouettes. With the dark stone and her pale skin, it would only take a glance her way to spot her. Fortunately the figures seemed intent on their discussion, crowded around some device between them.

Isabella winced as another figure came from a side-tunnel, carrying a brighter lantern. Its like scattered across the cave, more than she would have expected. It was reflecting from the rippling, mirror-like surface suspended in a familiar archway, covered in runes. She saw one like it every time Aurora left, and again when they had traveled to Galavaria.

They had a waygate.