Pillow Talk

“Did you notice the tentacle count on that last grue?” Harry asked, slightly out of breath. He rolled from on top of me to my side, still holding on with his legs. I giggled as he forced me to flip with him.

“No, sweetie, I didn’t,” I replied, wrestling into a new, awkward position that would keep him inside me. I grinned at his gasp.

“Thirteen,” he said, after a moment’s pause of continued motion. “I’ve never seen one with thirteen before.”

“Sounds. Mmm. Like a bad omen,” I said. I knocked him over fully onto his back and took control myself, hands pressing down on his chest.

“Thirteen doesn’t really mean the same thing in the outworlds, though,” Harry said. He rolled back his eyes and half-closed the lids. His words were a little bit slurred, now. Good to know I was having an effect. “I wonder if it’s some sort of subspecies.”

I moved with more intensity, now, staring directly into his eyes. “Something to… look up… when we’re done.” Our breathing was growing synchronized as we panted together.

“Aw, you don’t think I should stop to check now?” Harry asked. His eyes twinkled as I glowered at him. I pushed him down harder, then, moving in smaller, quicker motions, the way I knew he liked.

“Don’t. You. Dare,” I gasped.

Then we both leapt beyond words and stayed there for a long, drifting moment.

I loved being with a geek.