When and Why?

“How long have the dragons been gone?” Kosima asked. She busied herself coiling up rope to mask the concern etched into her face.

“About a hundred years,” Laurence replied. “Give or take. Just up and left one day.” He was trying to help her with the rope but was largely just making it worse. Kosima waved him off.

“Damn,” Kosima said. “That’s not supposed to happen for another twenty years. Not to mention they’re supposed to announce it first.” The last rope coil landed in the truck bed, neatly stacked on the other three. “What did you all do?”

“Do?” Laurence protested. “I wasn’t even alive back then. Hell, my grandparents were just kids. Why don’t you ask them?”

“Not a bad idea,” Kosima said. “Can you introduce me?” The truck’s engine roared to life as she pressed the remote ignition.

“Um, sure?” Laurence said, following her to the vehicle’s cab. “I mean, they live a few hours from here.”

“I’ve got the time,” Kosima replied. The truck’s console blinked, waiting for a destination to be entered. “It’s not like the dragons are going un-disappear. Just pop in their address. Think we should bring them lunch?”