So Happy Together

“Yeah, maybe you should move back to your mother’s!” I shouted. “Then you can get all the babying you want.”

“Maybe I will!” Kitty replied. Next thing I knew, she had slammed and locked the bedroom door. I pounded on it a few times. I wasn’t about to let it end there.

“You can’t just run away from this,” I said. “Come back out and let’s settle this for once.”

Kitty nearly knocked me over as she barged out of the room, clothes still dangling from a half-zipped luggage bag. “You want to settle it? Fine! Settle it yourself. I’ll be at my mom’s. Where you wanted me, right?”

Wait, what? I stared at her, confused, as she ran from the apartment. The door slammed hard enough to knock picture from the wall, sending glass shards scattering from the frame.

Crap. Crap. I pulled out my phone and dialed her number. No answer, of course. Crap.

She’d be back. She had to be, right? Most of her stuff was still here… and she wouldn’t really leave me, right? Not over something stupid like this. Something stupid like me. Damn, why did I always get so riled up? Why did she have to always just… augh!

I pulled out the broom to distract myself by sweeping up glass. I got up most of the big pieces up then carefully set the damaged photo aside. It was her favorite, taken just outside the wedding chapel.

Maybe the last day we’d really been happy together.