Art Education

“And, that, my friends, is how you paint a universe into being,” Kalela said. She set her brush down with finality, letting the last drabs of primal essence dissipate into the solvent. “Any questions? Yes, you there in the front.”

“Why did you use so much of that blue color everywhere?” the student asked. It was one of the more ethereal types, swirling and roiling its shape as Kalela watched.

“That’s something called ‘water’,” Kalela replied. “I don’t imagine it’s very common where you come from. In the more corporeal realms – like this one I made here – it’s actually quite important.”

“Yuck!” shouted a voice from the back. Jiriji was his name, she remembered. He always found something to say. “Who wants water everywhere? It’s gross!”

Kalela smiled tolerantly. “Well, not all of us are as soluble as your kind, Jiriji. There are many kind of life out there that thrive on water.”

Jiriji lashed his tentacles and sulked. “We’d be better of without them both,” he muttered.

Kalela’s heart sank. She had been trying to reach all of them about the glory and diversity of life this semester. Some just didn’t want to think that way. Hopefully, Jiriji would not become the sort they had to lock away in a prison dimension when he grew up.

“There’s an excellent knowledge tap on water, its benefits, its drawbacks, and some of its inhabitants. I think you should all access it for next time. I might have a quiz!”